Tate Shaw's Placeholders project is a series of books about digitization and globalization by way of clothing and body movement. The Placeholders Volume 3 places us in the overfull context of Shibuya in Tokyo. We are crossing the world's most populated intersection, affected by the flow of people, and aware of the great potential for connectedness. Each hand-drawn person in the scene has, in the shape of their clothing, a passage of photographs from some other locale. Each page opening is paradoxical--forward is backward, left is right, top is bottom, and the beginning is the ending. With more potential for movement, everything has the potential to show you the way, and so to continually be seeking out a connection becomes the end goal.

full color, hardcover,
108 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
PBB00809, ISBN: 0-9767490-7-6

$90 (+$5 shipping)